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Time saver

Giving follow up messages and replying all the emails is quite hard and time consuming. Mail Origin will save your valuable time by providing autoresponder service.

engaging communication

All the follow up messages and email replies will looks like it came from a real person. Customer will feel themselves important and the communication will be much stronger.

Autoresponder for cpa marketer

The main goal of a CPA marketer is to perform a specific action by the potential customer. Managing a large traffic or leads seems impossible, that is why they lose a huge portion of traffic. An Autoresponder can help them in this matter.

Autoresponder for affiliate marketer

Affiliate Marketer can send offers to their potential leads through email marketing, can build a strong relation and finally can make affiliate offers to them.

Choose the perfect plan

We can assure you the best email autoresponder service, choose your desired service. We won’t let you go until you are satisfied with our services. So, don’t hesitate go for it. Best of Luck!!


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Frequently asked questions

Some fixed and automated replies. Generally used when the bulk amount of messages need to be replied to within a short period of time. Also used to send promotional offers to customers.

Autoresponder helps a CPA marketer to manage their leads properly. Usually, when a customer gives a reply then within 10 minutes a reply should be sent from the marketer otherwise the customer will go for other ways. So auto email reply will be the best choice for a CPA marketer.

An affiliate marketer can send their offers to a potential customer and can build an engaging communication that ultimately motivates the customer to make buying decisions.

An email marketer needs to send thousands of emails which is impossible to do manually. In an autoresponder, they can do it by making a simple campaign. Also they can build a communication.

Mail Origin will provide all the needed services to manage your leads. It will save your time, makes communication realistic, customer get more engaged and finally drive towards profitable actions.

Mail Origin is an autoresponder, which makes works easier for CPA, Affiliate & Email Marketers. Contact Us

client's review

As an Affiliate Marketer I've to manage a lot of business traffic by following up and by giving email replies, which was quite difficult for me. I've found Mail Origin as a one stop solution for my different kinds of problems. Now itโ€™s easier for me to manage my traffic properly. I'm satisfied with their services.
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Siddharth Kumar Sidhu
Affiliate Marketer
Mail Origin helped me to manage my traffic, saved my valuable time, provided custom services with unlimited campaign and so on. But the main thing is I liked their constant support throuhg skype and over the phone. If you are a CPA or Affiliate Marketer I will recommend you to try at least once.
email auto responder
Tanjidur Rahman
Email Marketer
I had suffered a lot with different autoresponder services. Most of them was not responsible for my work but Mail Origin is highly responsive and budget friendly that is the reason why I choose their autoresponder services. Their services are very effective and highly profit oriented.
Raju Ahmmed
Affiliate Marketer
I'm a CPA Marketer, one of my job is to drive my potential traffic for signing up to my link. I had a huge amounts of leads but at the same time I wass suffering with time management. So just for testing purpose I've choosen Mail Origin's Autoresponder service and I found it as a time saver. Also they are very supportive. Now I'm a regular subscriber of Mail Origin with satisfaction.
Nayan Khan
CPA Marketer

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